Importance of Buying Local - Faster Economic Recovery

Importance of Buying Local - Faster Economic Recovery

How Has Going Organic Helped Local Businesses?

There has been a gradual and positive shift towards buying and consuming everything organic in the last decade. Eating and wearing organic is the new trend. Going organic has innumerable health benefits, but it also benefits your community and, in turn, your economy in fantastic ways. This is because organic farming, organic dairy, organic skincare products, and restaurants serving food made from organic ingredients are all run by people within a community who have set up small-scale businesses.

Farmer's markets are trending, and more people have started buying from them rather than from big grocery stores. It has far more significant health benefits, but it also helps encourage local businesses. Local restaurants serving only organic food also buy from farmer's markets, which benefits both businesses and the local population.

The Benefits of Buying Local

There are innumerable benefits to buying from your local community, such as:

Healthier and Fresh Products

Buying farm-grown products are healthier as they are free from chemicals and pesticides that are sprayed on them. They are fresh because they are located near you, so they aren't coming from a far-off location. Organic and free-range poultry is free from harmful hormones and antibiotics.

Environmentally Friendly

Local businesses are environmentally friendly because they don't require extensive transport as most of them are located within the neighborhood and can be walked to. Reducing the use of vehicles means a reduction in emissions entering the environment.

Help Protect Local Land and Wildlife

By supporting your local farm products, you are making sure that farmers are able to run and maintain their farms. If their business shuts down, the farmland will then have to be sold for commercial purposes, destroying greenery and the natural habitat for wildlife.

Helps Provide Jobs within the Community

Local businesses in your community open up job opportunities for those living in their neighborhood. People within the community who cannot get jobs in big stores due to a competitive market can be employed within their community. Being close to home would be an added benefit.

Local Businesses Add More Value to a Community

Local businesses add vibrancy and character to a community and improve the people's overall lifestyle within it. The money they earn trickles back into the economy, and hence a strong community adds to the overall strength of the economy.

Helps the Economy

For all the reasons mentioned above, local businesses are essential for the growth of an economy. Every dollar earned by the local community finds its way to trickle back into the overall economy, causing an overall boost to the economy.


Local businesses are also known as the backbone of the economy and must be endorsed and supported by all those living within those communities. Thriving local businesses are in a better position to help encourage more local businesses by providing them with donations and starting capital.

If you would like to start shopping from the local market and don't know how to get in touch with them, contact Local Services Network and search for the nearest local markets to your home.

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